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The platform is exclusive to registered users.Participants in the project may also invite other people to participate.Any deposit made by a platform user to the system is done securely.

Participants in the project must acknowledge and accept that all discussions, messages, and information are absolutely secret. Information should not be disclosed in any way and should not be made public. The information, contents, and messages in this page cannot be construed in any country as an invitation or an offer to engage in investment activity.

You acknowledge and accept that neither platform managers nor users are liable for your activity there. Your investments are made at your own risk because past performance is no guarantee of future results. Everything you discover on the Internet site is meant to be instructive and informative.

The platform is not liable for any expenditures or losses incurred as a result of terms and conditions violations. Participants are directly responsible for utilizing the resource. The system user promises not to utilize the Internet resource for any illegal purposes. It is required to abide by all local, national, and international laws.

All forms of spam are prohibited by the program's administration. If we discover such behavior, the offenders' accounts will be removed permanently without a chance for recovery.

Any data submitted by a user of the system will only be utilized privately. Receiving confidential material from other participants is prohibited. The loss of information and data is not the platform's fault.

The program's guidelines, commissions, and rates are subject to change without notice based on our judgment. Changes are permitted whenever it is convenient for the platform.  Each user of the system must acknowledge that he is solely responsible for any information obtained and must refrain from disclosing it.

Mostly technical problems can arise with transactions, so do not rush to delete it, everything has its time.

Any member's participation may be terminated by the resource's administration at any time and without cause.